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Full Speed Again

The Nest is up to full speed again, after a month of revamps. Jedi Knight is fast approaching and the Academy will be picking up again soon, so I need to return to my goal of completing the Review List and finishing up the Database before JK eats up all my free time.

First off, all the new stuff will be posted here(which is now the very front page) to eliminate the need to jump to a different area just to see what's updated. So to begin in that new fashion, I'll announce the other big changes here. First, the Nest has an entirely new look! I attempted to use a new style that binds it together a bit better and also work in a few 'cool' things to liven it up. Also, the Components section has been renamed as Storage, which will coincide with a new site that I'm working on to hold some add-on missions for alternate downloading. There are only a couple new files today(what give it all to you at once?); but I do have more new Reviews, Missions and files ready to link, so return in the coming days to find what's still going on in the Dark Forces community!

Every page at the Nest has now been checked to ensure accuracy, quality and all that jazz. As always, if you find anything wrong or missing, want to contribute to the Nest, or have a question, please mail me.