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New Levels for Download

I fixed the link to Fortress Dantooine that I screwed up yesterday, sorry to those who tried to download that. And I also added about 10-12 levels I found while looking through If the date in Storage says Aug/97 or later, then you can probably bet it's new. From what I was noticing they appear to be mostly Mac levels, so it's possible you've never tried them before. Check them out if you want.

I got my first message from someone using Internet Explorer 3.x today, commenting on the new design. All the pages use the Javascript Image descriptor, which Microsoft JScript doesn't support. I'm told that IE4 will work fine, but in the meantime, does anyone know of a way to make browsers that don't support a tag not use it? I don't want people getting an error message when the come just because of the browser they use. All comments and suggestions on that are welcome.

Got any levels that you think should be reviewed next? Or news on forthcoming levels? I almost always enjoy hearing from people, so mail me your opinions/ideas/comments/files.