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Kell Dragon

Like its larger relative the Krayt Dragon, Kells are native to the wastelands of Tatooine. It's rare that anyone will encounter one in the wastes and live to tell about it, but Kells are often captured by well-armed parties and sold as pets to the more frivolent and sadistic underlord bosses who frequently use them to dispose of unwelcome guests or pit them against gladiators as entertainment. They are known to have tremendous jumping abilities and their jaw strength is very fearsome.

Suggested Method of Attack - It's always best to stay far, far away from a Kell and pick it off quickly with missles or plasma. If you don't get close then they can't bite. But if forced to engage in close quarters then just try to dispose of it as quickly as possible. If forced to fight a Kell Dragon without weapons then try to move in and out of range while getting quick shots in with fists. If there's some place that you can hide in while getting in a few punches at random that will help tremendously. Working with fists is deadly and time consuming but it can be done.


  • Imperial Officer
  • Stormtrooper
  • Imperial Commando
  • Phase I Dark Trooper
  • Phase II Dark Trooper
  • Phase III Dark Trooper


  • Gran
  • Trandoshan
  • Gamorrean Guard
  • Boba Fett


  • Interrogation Droid
  • Probe Droid
  • Remote


  • Dianoga
  • Kell Dragon


  • QS100 Welding Arm
  • Gun Turret
  • Power Generating Unit
  • Mousebot