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Get Dark Forces

If you're looking for some retro Star Wars FPS action (and interested in running some of the custom missions available) you'll first need to snag a copy of Dark Forces. Thankfully, this celebrated title is readily available from a number of different sources.

  • Original CD - If you want the authentic experience you can still find a number of original CDs, DOS or Mac, for sale on eBay and other sites. I run Dark Forces through DOSBOX on my Mac, and it still works just the way it did 26+ years ago. You may need to put in some time to configure settings just the way you want, and it's definitely not the seamless experience offered by other options.
  • GOG - Good Old Games has Dark Forces available and it runs in DOSBOX as well. They only mention Windows and Linux as supported operating systems, but since it's DRM-free I imagine enterprising individuals could find a way to get it working on a Mac under DOSBOX.
  • Steam - Available for both Windows and Mac.
  • Origin - Windows only.

Once you've got Dark Forces running and you've finished the story you might be interested in some of the custom missions the community has put together and learning how to launch them.