The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Plasma Cartridges

Used In: Assault Cannon

Plasma has never really been effectively used in a weapon until it was developed as part of the top secret Dark Trooper Project so the cartridges are few and far between, just like the Assault Cannons they're used in. Each cartridge contains enough plasma for 20 rounds. You can sometimes find a few in Imperial armories, or else you can collect them from any Phase II Dark Troopers you manage to take down.


  • Shield Units
  • Med Kit
  • Key
  • Battery
  • Air Mask
  • Ice Cleats
  • Infrared Goggles
  • Revive
  • Shield Supercharge
  • Weapon Supercharge
  • Extra Life


  • Energy Units
  • Power Cells
  • Shell
  • Plasma Cartridge
  • Missiles