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Authoritative Conflict

Author(s): Michael W. Moss


A modification of the Ramsees Hed mission that adds different enemies and items.

  • Up in the sky! It's... it's... a clump of improperly placed objects.
  • There are lots of Imperials, and now only Imperials, throughout the level.
  • The challenge is undercut when around every corner you'll find another Repeater and Shield Supercharge.
  • It seems that every officer you come across has a key of some kind.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | June 28, 2021

This is another of the early custom missions, a modification of the object placement in an original LucasArts level without geometry, lighting, or texture changes, just like Jabba's Ship Revenge and Rescue on Endor. This time the mission under the knife is Ramses Hed, which while not a community favorite is not devoid of charms. Sadly this modded level does nothing to improve the situation.

The major focus of the changes is to replace any non-Imperial enemies throughout the mission. Where once you would be ducking for cover from thermal detonators being thrown from above, now you'll dodging blaster fire from dozens of stormtroopers. Most of the time these kinds of mods try to up the difficulty level, but here I would say that the challenge has been sharply lowered.

That's because of more than just the different enemies. Scattered across the floors of the cargo ship you'll find lots of Shield Supercharges. I suppose one could make a speedrun challenge of sprinting from powerup to powerup, maintaining invincibility just long enough to reach the next. Personally I don't see the appeal.

In addition to picking up supercharges, you'll also find that the newly distributed officers bring an abundance of keys with them. If you remember the original Ramses Hed, you'll may remember that it has a bit of key-hunting built in, and a fair amount of backtracking involved if you take a wrong turn. With officers dropping keys every 10 seconds you'll find yourself with a complete collection well before you might actually need any of them. Large swaths of the level are now unecessary because you can waltz through it in a couple minutes if you know the route.

Honestly, I've debated whether to even review these early object mod missions at all. Firing up one of these doesn't bring nearly the same anticipation as a brand new mission I've never seen before. But I do think that there could be something interesting to come out of an object replacement-only type of mission. Different strategies or challenges of the variety that communities sometimes create for themselves when running the same map becomes unfulfilling. But Authoritative Conflict doesn't seem to have been built with that in mind, so the experience, brief as it is, is a letdown.


If you've read my other reviews of this type of mission you probably already know what I'm going to close with. This is a mission that may be of interest to those with historical curiosity or a completionist streak. That's about it.

Download Authoritative Conflict(, 38.7 kB)