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Dark Trooper Search

Author(s): Hunter


While working on a mission on Tatooine, Kyle ran into a bounty hunter with a Dark Trooper suit. Though he was able to defeat him, the existence of a Dark Trooper suit was very unsettling, as he had thought all of them had gone up with the Arc Hammer. He headed to Murdock Station to find out what he could, determined to track down the source of the suits and destroy them.

  • In the first level, Kyle needs to make his way onto a Corvette (left side) carrying a deadly cargo.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | November 25, 1996

I have no idea what this group of levels is really called, but the GOB is dtsearch, and so I named it Dark Trooper Search. The title is fitting, and the story to fit it is great. I love the idea of hunting down the remaining Dark Troopers. This idea could take Kyle all over the galaxy to complete his goals, and that promises a lot of new things, and a lot of action to go with them.

Unfortunately, the author never finished the set. He starts out great; the first level has a good combination of new and old, and some nice puzzles and ideas. The construction of the facility is fresh; he doesn't lose sight of the good levels that he has to model after, but he also does some new things. One of the best is the design of the Corvette, which you can view from the outside as well as going inside. The new textures are cool, and it's fun to look out the windows and see a ship hanging outside. The first level is a great start for this series.

But the second level is an extreme disappointment. It's only the Ramses Hed, with a few things changed. It's really boring to go through a level you've already done before, especially when it's supposed to be a new setting. It's not like there aren't a lot of Corvette levels out there to gain ideas from, and if the author was scared of just doing over what others had done, he certainly shouldn't have just taken the Ramses Hed and changed it a little. After the first level, this was a let down.

The author goes on to describe his prepared plot for the third and fourth levels. The story is good, and he suggests someone continue the series. I would like to add my suggestion to his, since this is too good an idea to let it go to waste. A small group of people could really do a great job with this.


I really liked the first level, but the second could have been done better. The overall idea is great, and reading through the text file, I like where the author was going. Unfortunately I have to judge the series on the first two for now, but hopefully somebody will take up the idea and complete the story.

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