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Future Present Part I

Author(s): Rick Horack


You are being sent to the fourth moon of Yavin to investigate the Imperial prescence there. Rebel informants believe the Imperials are mining a new metal impervious to blaster fire. Your job is to enter the mines via one of the old Massassi temples, and find out what the Imperials think is so important.

  • Grandiose architecture, a suspenseful story, and an excellent feel for what works well in a level combine to make this a great play.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | January 11, 1997

After having gone through so many levels where the story seems to be tacked on as an excuse to build a level, or as an afterthought, it's with a very pleasant feeling that I can review this level. The author has a talent for a good storyline, and an excellent feel for drama. I can't say too much without giving away surprises of this story(of which there are several), but suffice to say that you will be held in suspense throughout the level.

But even with a wonderful storyline and nice dramatic effects, a level is worth nothing unless the architecture is sound, attention is paid to the texture placement, and the author offers up plenty of action and puzzles to keep you on your toes. Well, never fear, you won't be disappointed. The temple itself starts out in classic Indiana Jones style with traps, and as you descend into the depths of the mines, you can feel the change in mood from an ancient temple to what seems like a tomb. The textures convey the different styles of the level, from ancient architecture, to carved out caverns, to Imperialistic sterility. The way the areas are constructed is also very nice. Large waterfalls, control rooms, worshipping areas in the temples.... you won't have to look far to find something in particular you like.

And for those who just want to go shoot something, there's lots of sport to be found. This level is by no means easy, with enemies patrolling corridors, monsters lurking in the caverns, and even the supernatural realm seemingly pitted against you. You'll need all your skills in order to complete this level; not only a quick trigger finger, but your wits and instincts as well.

New items make this a better level than others as well. New characters, new textures, and new FMEs are all artfully done. The new WAXs are also well done, and they'll give you a surprise if you aren't ready. Arachnophobes, beware.


This is a great start to a trilogy that I hope will come to completion. The story seems well thought out, and should provide for lots of great gaming if the author can maintain what he's begun with this level. As I mentioned above, this is a trilogy, and Part III is in the works. If you haven't played part one, do so before reading the review for Future Present Part II, since the big surprises in Part I are given away.

Download Future Present Part I(, 825 kB)