The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Space Scrap Recycling Station

Author(s): Wolfgang Gerlach


Imperial forces got to know the importance of a clean universal environment. One of the latest directions issued by The Lord reads as follows: 'Don't litter the universe!' Consequently they began to pick up all that troopertrash and the roboscrap which you have left behind during the last 14 missions. Same will be collected on a secret planet called SSRS-one.(beta). Here they have built up a recycling plant, which is able to reassemble even those complicated Dark Trooper types. Of course they need the construction plans to do so. These plans are the target of your mission. Try to get them and on this occasion check out the architecture of the SSRS-one.(beta) in order to make this technology available also for our forces.


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Download Space Scrap Recycling Station(, 70.6 kB)