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Lambda-class Shuttle

Author(s): Matt Hallaron

A texture-mapped Lambda-class shuttle.

Download Lambda-class Shuttle

                         May/Sept 2001

Dark Forces game (c) 1994 Lucasfilm Ltd. and LucasArts Entertainment Company.

Author: Matt Hallaron (

Special thanks to LEC (since parts of the textures and part of the geometry originated from them.)

This is a fully textured Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-class Shuttle, as seen in Return of the Jedi (as well as many other Lucasarts games.) I made it as accurate as possible. It is the full shuttle, having all the parts in one 3DO. The shuttle is in landing position, just like the original Dark Forces SHUTTLE.3DO. The size/scale is also about the same as that original 3DO, so this one can be used in the same way as (or can easily replace) the original.

This archive should contain the following files: FULLSHUT.3DO The shuttle 3DO SHUBODY.BM Textures for the body SHUWING.BM Textures for the wing FULLSHUT.TXT This file.

This shuttle 3DO was originally built for The Dark Tide II: Nightfall, by Patrick Haslow and myself.

NOTE This 3DO is to be distributed for FREE. You may post this on other BBS or website in its original file. Please do not make any changes to the files. I spent many hours working on this project. If you have any ideas to improve the design, feel free to e-mail me at the above address. If you use this in an add-on level, you SHOULD include this text file (but I know you probably WON'T ;-) ) but please give credit to the author.