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Dark Forces Unofficial Specifications v3.2


Quoting DF Specs v. 1.00:

"As you will rapidly see, there are still a lot of unknown things in these specs. But as they are diminishing very quickly, I found it was time to write them down in a "formal" way, which can serve as a reference."

So this is version 3.00 of the DF Specs! I (Jereth) have been very privileged to have been asked by Yves to become a co-author. Hopefully now there will be more frequent updates since there are now four of us working at it, but as nearly everything about DF has been discovered, and Jedi Knight is rapidly approaching, updates may not be a necessity after all!

And I (Yves) am very happy to have these knowledgeable friends share the work with me :-)

Jereth is completely right : those Specs are now nearly finished (after nearly two years !), and I believe the following updates will be more oriented to the Reference section than to real new discoveries.

However I (Alexi) tend to disagree with my collegues: there's still quite a few blanks in DF Specs: iMuse commands and EXE hack to name a few. Sadly, some of these blanks are critical: like we can't patch in-level music without knowing internal iMuse commands.

I hope we'll fix it soon.

Myself (David) am grateful to all those that have contributed their time and resources in one form or another to the imformation that is now known about Dark Forces and hope it will continue with Jedi Knight.

And your servitors look forward to beginning work on the Jedi Knight Unofficial Specifications :-)

We will try to explain differences with DOOM level making where applicable, so if you have experience in that domain, look for the Doom note hyper jumps in the header of some pages. Removing the Doom notes from the body of the text will make life simpler for newcomers, who have been buried in two jargons mixed together until now.

As always, nothing is as good as seeing how professionals do things, so don't hesitate to go and see an example of how the LucasArts team implemented what you want to do.

May The Force Be With You,
Yves Borckmans , Jereth Kok , Alexi Novikov , David Lovejoy

Note - We will frequently use the following abbreviations:

  • DF Dark Forces
  • LEC LucasArts Entertainment Company
  • SC sector
  • WL wall
  • VX vertex
  • OB object
  • TX texture