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Imperial Machines (I.M.) Mines

Ammo Used: I.M. Mines
Secondary Fire: The mine is activated with a proximity trigger and motion sensor.

One of the nastiest of weapons used in times of war, the mine is responsible for thousands of innocent casualties. Manufactured by Imperial Machines, a outside contractor of Imperial weapons, thousands of these mines are laid every day in battle regions. Hundreds never find their use combat and are left to be triggered by civilians. Worse yet, the unlucky person will often survive the experience only to lose parts of their body in the explosion. Modern cybernetics couple with advanced medical techniques can replace the limbs, but there are some scars that never quite go away.

The mine is still a very useful tool in warfare and both sides of the civil war use them liberally. You can often find them scattered about in your approach path; most times you never see them so be sure to listen for the tell-tale beep that signals activation, after which you have a split second to get away. They are best used when you are being pursued by large groups of enemies or when you want to get through a structurally weak section of wall. Be sure to get behind some cover before the mine blows. With the primary key you have 3 seconds to get away before detonation. With the secondary the mine is laid with a proximity trigger and motion detector that waits for a moving object within it's activation radius before detonating. You can find mines singly or in bags of 5. You can carry up to 50 mines at once.

  • Fists
  • Modified Bryar Pistol
  • Stormtrooper Rifle
  • Thermal Detonators
  • Imperial Repeater Rifle
  • Jeron Fusion Cutter
  • Imperial Machine (I.M.) Mines
  • Packered Mortar Gun
  • Stouker Concussion Rifle
  • Assault Cannon