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Imperial Repeater Rifle

Ammo Used: Power Cells (1 Cell per Fire, Primary; 3 per Fire, Secondary)
Secondary Fire: Three bolts in a triangle formation.

Also referred to commonly as the 'autogun' or simply 'repeater', the Imperial Repeater Rifle was developed for the Dark Trooper project. The original prototype was designed by weapons master Moff Rebus, but a scaled down version is what is in use today. The repeater uses standard power cells to fire a highly accurate blue bolt for the primary fire and a trio of bolts in a triangle formation for the secondary fire. It has a fast repeat-fire rate(5 shots/s) which in close or long range can be deadly.

This is easily the most effective weapon you can use. The ammo isn't hard to come by and the accuracy and rapid fire rate make it especially devastating over long and short range. You can use it to pick off enemies at long range before they even spot you or before they get within their own weapons' range. In close quarters just hold down the trigger and pivot to sweep a room clean. And when you need a short burst the secondary fire can take out most enemies with just one or two shots. A very efficient weapon at only one cell per fire it also has the useful side effect of forcing back an opponent it hits. This is especially useful for Dark Troopers or for pushing enemies off a cliff.

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