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Jeron Fusion Cutter

Ammo Used: Power Cells (1 Cell per Fire, Primary; 8 per Fire, Secondary)
Secondary Fire: Fires all four barrels at once in a cone trajectory.

The fusion cutter is a four barreled hand held tool used in construction and in mining to cut through rock. This particular model is made by Jeron, a large and well-known manufacturer of anything from cutters to hydrospanners. The fusion cutter has two settings for use. The first fires each barrel seperately while the second unleashes all four barrels in a cone-shaped trajectory. The first is used for standard mining, the second for when you need a more powerful burst of energy.

While primarily use for construction the cutter can serve as a weapon with little or no modification. It doesn't have a very fast repeat-fire rate(4 shots/s) but is reasonably accurate and each of the green energy bolts is slightly more powerful than a laser or the repeater's bolts. It's best used for the four-barrel burst in close range; that will take out just about any common enemy and it is especially effective against probe droids. Beware, though, because each burst will eat up eight energy cells, making it costly when used too often.

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