The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Packered Mortar Gun

Ammo Used: Shells (1 Shell per Fire)
Secondary Fire: None

A modifcation on the ancient mortar idea, this hand-held version is a very powerful weapon which lobs shells which explode on impact. It's become a favorite of many mercenaries because of its simplistic nature and also because of its great effectiveness against large numbers of enemies. Many a garrison has fallen prey to attackers wielding no much more than a blaster and one of these babies. Very easy to use and to aim, it quickly becomes a favorite tool.

The mortar gun is, as mentioned above, very useful for clearing out large groups of enemies. Stormtrooper formations are especially susceptible to this type of attack. The mortar gun is also very good for taking care of enemies located on platforms above you, requiring a minimum amount of aiming to take care of your target. Laser Turrets and Welding Arms are also fairly easily disposed of with only a few well-placed shells. The gun is also good for covering large distances; remember that a 45 degree angle allows for maximum range.

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