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Stormtrooper Rifle

Ammo Used: Energy Units (2 Units per Fire)
Secondary Fire: None.

This is the real reason that Stormtroopers are often the laughing stock of the galaxy. The standard issue laser rifle is probably the most innacurate weapon you'll come across in your adventures and it's also one of the most greedy when it comes to ammo. While it has a much faster repeat-fire rate than other weapons at 7 shots/s it still has the same problem of losing power over long distances but the horrible degree of accuracy limits it's effectiveness to close range firefights. The rifle is used most often by Imperial Stormtroopers and Commandos but is a very common weapon throughout the galaxy. As such you'll find ammo for this rifle in much larger quantities than for other more exotic weapons.

As mentioned above you won't have much luck with this weapon when trying to pick off an enemy over a great distance. Thus it's use an assasssin or stealth weapon is virtually nil. However the randomness of it's bolts can become an asset in short range fights when combined with the rapid rate of fire, allowing you to sweep the rifle across a room and usually manage to take out a fair percentage of the occupants in just a couple passes. The rifle is a fairly trusty standard during most operations, and can be used against most enemies you'll come across.

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