The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Stouker Concussion Rifle

Ammo Used: Power Cells (4 Cells per Fire)
Secondary Fire: None

This rifle is a much more exotic and complex weapon than you generally find on the market. It fires compressed bullets of ionized air that explode in shock waves. The waves are stopped only by contact with a solid object, giving the weapon a near infinite range. The rifle is manufactured from scratch by a Trandoshan gang, the Sissks and it takes its name from the maker of the primary concussion chamber, Stouker.

This weapon has the very useful attribute of splitting its waves to take out mulitple opponents. As far as anyone can tell the waves do not lose any power when split among mutiple enemies, and combining that with it's long range capabilities makes this the premier weapon for dealing with large groups over long distances. In close quarters this weapon has the nasty habit of splitting the wave to hit you as well as any target; if there is no target and you're in a small room or cavern the weapon will target you alone. So use this weapon primarily when you have room to work with.

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