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Thermal Detonators

Ammo Used: Thermal Detonators
Secondary Fire: Gives a three second delay before detonation.

Thermal detonators (TD) are the basic standard explosive across the galaxy. Compact and easy to use they are instantly recognized by their spherical shape and people quickly learn not to mess around with somebody packing a few of these. Their small size can be a bit misleading because they pack a powerful punch and also due to their small size and ball shape they are easily thrown over short-medium distances. You can usually find these in the hands of a Gran as they are known to favor explosives over blasters. Otherwise TDs can also be found in singles or strings of five in most armories. You can carry a maximum of 50 detonators at any one time.

The TD is a very useful weapon. While aiming can be a bit tricky at first users find it easily learned, and tossing a detonator down a stairwell with the three second timer, listening to the 'tink, tink, tink' before the explosion hits can be rather addictive in addition to it's usefulness in clearing out enemies while minimizing danger to yourself. Detonators are expecially useful for large groups of Imperial troops, particularly Stormtroopers in formation. One well-placed TD will deal with the situation. TDs are also excellent in tight firefights if you have cover to duck behind, or when trying to take out an enemy still at medium to long range when you're trying to conserve blaster ammo. And remember that a detonator can often blast open a wall if it's structurally weak.

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