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A Jedi Night

Author(s): Rey Perez


You are Kyle Katarn, who has been chosen to travel back through time with Jan to the Clone Wars. Your mission is retrieve the data tapes which contain The Book of Anger. The Book of Anger is a book that it so influential upon the thoughts of Jedi Knights, that it can literally turn them toward the dark side of the Force.

  • It's still the same Coruscant, but there have been a few changes before you saw it last.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | September 15, 1997

Well, the story that the author has written is confusing but still interesting. Up to now all the levels have focused upon the present or the recent past. This mission takes us back to a distant time; one could say 'A long time ago...'

But the author seems to have concentrated too much on his story and not nearly enough on his level. The absolute minimum necessary for a level to be called new exists here. What's he's done is take the Imperial City level from Dark Forces, remove some of the Dark Troopers, replace others with Darth Vaders(possible Sith lords) and Boba Fett with an Officer. The Stormtroopers are also now Mandolorian Warriors, the Commandos Cloud Car Pilots and the Officers wear black. That's about it. It's all pretty ridiculous, watching Boba Fetts slide along the ground and shoot lasers from their foreheads and running through a level where you know every twist and turn before hand.

The author has also included about a half dozen VOCs and some new FMEs whose main purpose is to balloon the size of the zip. The droids are a welcome addition, but the VOCs are only confusing and annoying; just lines from the films repeated over and over. How many times must Vader tell us our destiny lies with him? Blah, blah, blah, you're fifty odd years in the future, give it a rest.


Bottom line: if you're going to try and tell a great story, do it right. You can write all you want, but without a decent mission a story is worthless. Maybe I love a good plot, but if all I want is to read a story I'll get a book, not suffer through a terrible level to get it.

Reviewed by: Steve Noall | September 15, 1997

The idea of playing the role of a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars was fun, but the level itself is a big letdown. The level is basically just the level Imperial City with one new WAX. The new WAX is a just Boba Fett with stormtrooper logic. I have to say that the WAX does fit perfectly into the level, since the Clone Wars were fought between Jedi Knights and Mandalorian Warriors. I'm just grateful the author had sense enough to use stormtrooper logic for the Mandalorians, rather than Boba Fett logic.

Another letdown in the level is that the author didn't even try to improve Imperial City by adding new puzzles or something, he just added new enemies. Without spoiling the level, let me just tell you to be ready for a big surprise at the end of the level.


If you liked the level Imperial City, then you'll absolutely love this level. On the other hand, if you didn't like that level, I suggest you stay clear of this one. I still can't get over the fact that the author didn't at least try to improve Imperial City with new puzzles or something, instead of just adding new enemies.

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