The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Castle Wolfenstein

Author(s): Steven Scott


This is the same mission as Wolfenstein 3D level 1. Your objective is to get to the elevator, hit the switch and grab the plans.

  • Flat, boring, easy. Yup, it's Wolfenstein.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | September 16, 1997

Are you seriously expecting anything out of this level? Don't. This is a rehash of the original Wolfenstein level, which translates into 90 degree architecture, boring texturing(nods to those who hate it when I gripe about that :-) ), identical lighting schemes, minimal difficulty and a really short level with dubious objectives. Kill everything in sight and get out in under 1 minute is the goal that I place for you.

This might have been somewhat interesting if the author had decided to take advantage of the new engine provided him and do a Wolfenstein level the way it could have been. But instead this level only serves to bring up old memories, not necessarily pleasant ones at that.


It's not necessarily the author's fault that this level is bad. It's from a game which by current industry standards is archaic. I didn't much care for the original game, and am much happier working my way through one of the more recent levels. I think you would be too.

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