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Daedalus Platform

Author(s): Philip Morton


Your job is to infiltrate one of the Emperor's Hammer base platforms. You are to find the plans containing information on Fleet activity and what kind of a threat the Hammer is. Once this is done you'll be picked up by an Assault Transport in the hangar. Be warned: the mission is tough, and it is suggested you find the plans and leave immediately rather than stay and confront the entire base.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | November 05, 1996

This is a training mission for the Internet group Commando Division of the Rebel Squadrons. It consists of a large platform with hangars and about a billion stormtroopers. You need to fight your way through the station to reach the plans. Nothing could be simpler. Right?

Well, not quite. Unlike other missions of this kind, you are not supplied with every weapon and an endless supply of ammo. You need to work for what you get, and that isn't exactly easy. The mission isn't difficult to figure out, and it isn't really tough to mow down stromtroopers as they file through doors. But only using the rifle and pistol was a fresh new concept in a level of this type.

This is also the second level to contain the "phantom commandos," as I like to call them. But in this level, the problem seems to stem from complications between the stormtroopers and the space background floating outside the hangarbay. Even if you can't see the troopers in this one, they can still see you, and will fire. I don't think it was intentional, and I'm not sure whether the author noticed the problem or not. He did notice what appears to be a disembodied officer's head in one of the control rooms. I don't know what efforts he might have taken to eliminate it, or where it could have come from. Dark Forces programmers, here's a new mystery!

One good thing I did enjoy was the lack of Dark Troopers. The author could have easily dumped a couple dozen in the hangarbays to help train his recruits. But apparently he has some good taste.


Do you like to sit back and mow down stormtroopers? Not too interested in thinking your way through a level? This is about as basic as it gets. This level reaches for an easily attainable goal, and gets there. It doesn't claim to be any more than it is, a training level to help get the recruits ready for.... something. You can take a look if your curiousity stirs you.

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