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Death Star Plans

Author(s): Doug Vader


Like the title suggests, Kyle Katarn is needed to acquire a second set of Death Star Plans from an Imperial base. You have heard that Boba Fett and Dark Troopers are present at the base, and that the Imperials are fond of Kell Dragons.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | November 20, 1996

I really have to feel sorry for anyone who downloaded this level, myself included. The entire thing consists of a few rooms conencted by large doors. There are no challenges to this level, no puzzles to figure out, and no interesting architecture. The texture choice was either poor, or very little thought went into the construction of this base.

And what's with Boba Fett, Kell Dragons and Dark Troopers? If this is the set of plans for the first Death Star, the DTs aren't around yet; if they're for the second then the project is gone. And there's nowhere to keep the Kell Dragons, except the corridors and rooms of the base. There are no holding pens, just another example of the small amount of thought that is displayed here. All of the larger boss characters are put in just for the sake of having them in the level, and it doesn't do anything for it.


Stay away. Stay far away. It's only a 10K download, but unless you're incredibly curious, or doing your own review page, this level isn't worth the 5 minutes it takes to complete it.

Download Death Star Plans(, 10.5 kB)