The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Escape from Secret Base II

Author(s): Don Sielke


In retaliation for your part in securing the Death Star Plans, the Empire has stolen your ship, the Crow, and taken it to a hidden base. Your job is to sneak in and get it back. But beware, this base has been rumored to be the site of some advanced testing of the Empire's new weapon, the Dark Trooper.

  • This hangar is an example of the wide open places the author has managed to create without any HOMing.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | November 22, 1996

This is an interesting level. It's not hard, it's not easy, and it doesn't use a whole lot of complex puzzles in it. The basic stance is that you are required to find the correct key to unlock the hangar holding the Crow. But even with the standard basis, this level does make playing it worthwhile, and enjoyable.

The design of the base is nicely done, and seems to be well thought out. You have an exterior, and landing pad, and lots of other features that fill out all the holes other levels seem to fall into. Unlike others, this base feels natural, like it was built, not slapped together. Other levels have a sloppy feeling to them, but this base is precise.

You have plenty of soldiers around it as well, but the level is still a pretty easy one to complete. The Dark Trooper at the end is explained by the story(which fits nicely with what DF gave us), but he's boxed in, without the room to make full advantage of his abilities. I also noticed you can exit the level before confronting him, so the difficulty is lessened considerably.


My biggest complaint is that this level is too easy, and really too predictable. But the construction and story are great. I didn't find any HOMs or other glitches in the level aside from the DT problem. So basically this level won't challenge you, but it's still fun to play.

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