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Frogman Modified

Author(s): Ales Ptacek


You are Ken Katarn, younger brother of the famous Kyle Katarn. You've just defected to the Rebels in the hopes of following in your brothers footsteps. You are assigned to the submarine R.A.S. Default as a frogman, and have just received notice that an Imperial shuttle has landed on the far side of the peninsula your ship is patrolling. Your job is to rescue the hostages the Imperials are holding.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | April 06, 1997

This is a modification of the original level. The author has taken the story and parts of the level and integrated them with his own new ideas. I have to say that the final outcome is less than exceptional.

The only thing the author has really done to this level is increase the filesize to gigantic proportions. His additions to the level while possibly interesting are also unbelieveably unnecessary, serving only to make the level longer, more difficult and rather nauseating. There are hundreds of people for you to mow down and almost all of them utilize multiple logics. My own personal opinion on multiple logics is that it's good if used properly. That certainly doesn't happen here. You also never understand exactly what's going on. You're so busy shooting and running that you don't have time to take a look at the base or the setup. Which may have been the author's intention because when I took a longer look the second time through the architecture and texturing left much to be desired. You also might notice that the author has managed to squeeze in just about every new texture, droid and 3DO he thought he might be able to get away with. As it is, 2 AT-STs, 2 skyhoppers and 2 landspeeders in a large hanger make the computer come to a near complete stop.


What it all really boils down to is that the new author has managed to make this level run from just small and lousy to huge, slow, and even worse than the original. The first one was an interesting look at chutes and not much else. This one goes way beyond reason; if you're going to rework a level, make it better, not worse.

Download Frogman Modified(, 644 kB)