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Imperial Residence

Author(s): Agustin Leon


You've been working at home on your own Dark Forces level, and are setting some flags in the starting sector to values that had never been tried before. There's a blinding light, and you suddenly find yourself in an abomination of your own house. You realize that the Jedi Engine has sucked you in, and turned your house into a Dark Forces level. You know what to do: your goal is to get the Death Star plans, and get out.

  • The author has created familiar sights using basic geometry.
  • Secrets abound in this mini mission.
  • Your home has been transformed through the power of the Jedi engine, and it's not very friendly.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | September 04, 1997

Using only regular sectors, the author has taken the time to create some new and interesting features in this level.

This is probably one of the more imaginative levels out there. Rather than stick to regular plots and get bogged down by running the player through the same old stuff, the author jumps outside the boundaries and lets his imagination run wild. I find the plot particularly liberating, because since this doesn't take place in the Star Wars universe, but rather in the computer, the author can do whatever he wants, put whoever he wants in, and just basically let loose.

The level takes place in a house, and the author has recreated several of the standard things we might find in a regular house. Of course houses don't usually have secret passageways (there are a LOT of secrets in this level) but we can assume that's the Jedi Engine in effect. The Engine seems to enjoy mutating aspects of our everyday life into things from Dark Forces. The dog is an interesting interpretation; I wonder what Boba Fett used to be! One of the more enjoyable things about this level is that the author has managed to create some very interesting things, like trees, a computer, and more using only the Jedi Engine. There are no new 3DOs, or FMEs. The tree in the picture is a good example of what can be accomplished. I enjoyed trying to figure out what different parts of the residence used to be.

The best thing to do with this level is just to walk around and see what you can find. There are lots of interesting things in here. I won't spoil it by describing all of them; you can download the level to see for yourself.

Download Imperial Residence(, 25.4 kB)