The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Octagone 8

Author(s): James McMahon


This level supposedly poses the question, what would it be like if there were Dark Troopers around before the Alliance had captured the plans for the first Death Star? Your job is to find the Death Star plans and get back to your ship.

  • Here's a shot that's pretty standard. Right angles, poor texture placing... pretty boring.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | April 02, 1997

Does this level answer the question? Well one could say that if there were Dark Troopers around when the Alliance was trying to get the plans for the Death Star then the base where they were kept would be filled with them, and Rebel commandos would have a much more difficult time getting to the plans. While this level is considerably more difficult then SECBASE, I much prefer the original to this. Here's why:

SECBASE was small, and so is this level. But SECBASE consisted of more than several similar rooms connected to one another and packed to the gills with enemies. There was some moderation and variation to it, which gave it a sense of realism. Do you expect to find one room with a dozen stormtroopers, another with commandos, another with Kell Dragons and yet more with different types of Dark Troopers? No. There's no reason a base would be set up like that. And there's no reason a base would have this style of architecture either. SECBASE had a setup that suggested an Imperial base. This place is rooms slapped together in what somebody somewhere might call an orderly fashion. I call it a poor attempt at designing a base. For a moment at the beginning I was excited, thinking that perhaps the Imperials had hidden themselves deep within what would appear as a normal cargo area. But my hopes were dashed upon moving further.

There is also no logic to the order in which the base is presented. You run everywhere finding the keys to open doors and move elevators, but it's all strewn around, resembling nothing of the Imperial base we are rather familiar with. Why are dozens of troopers standing on what would be a five foot high platform in the middle of a room, with no stairs leading up to it? And why are they all facing one way in rapt attention? There is a flaw in the way this author positions his people, not only logically for reality, but to provide a real challenge to the player. Set them up so that at least one of them will notice the player before the thermal detonator flys them all across the room, huh?

There are new things here. But they don't add anything to the mission. The addition of Boba Fett is not much more than a desperate ploy to increase the interest of the player in the level, perhaps move those diehard fans of Boba Fett to enjoy the level. But I wouldn't want to see the famed Bounty Hunter gunned down in such a fashion; his appearance here is beneath him in my opinion. Nothing more than a sidebar? I think that he deserves better. And the flush VOC? We've all seen the bathroom thing before, so it hardly even catches your attention.


I would say that I'm disappointed, but I never expected much in the first place. Overall I'd say the author cheats both the Empire and the characters in here by not putting enough effort into producing a decent level. We all deserve more than this.

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