The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Operation Archangel Episode I - Mos Eisley: The Maze

Author(s): Lionel Fouillen


Trem Goltend, an Imperial engineer, has defected from the empire and is hiding in Mos Eisley Spaceport. Kyle's mission is to find him and try to recover any technical data that Trem might have taken with him after his defection. However, Trem has made friends with the local rifraff who will protect him and preserve his anonymity.

  • As with many levels based in the movies, this one recreates what we all know well, adding in subtle twists to bend it to the author's wishes.
  • New FMEs and WAXes help the mission really come alive.
  • The architecture gives you the feeling of Mos Eisley, and makes you understand the title of "The Maze"
  • Secrets and in-jokes are abundant in the various Mos Eisley buildings.
  • While this mission is more than just movie references, it's definitely fun to encounter recognizable spaces.
  • Droids aren't welcome here, and neither are you.


Reviewed by: Anonymous | January 08, 1997

From the beginning of the level, you know it's going to be good. It has its own text crawl (always a good sign), and the level begins with you standing next to the Crow in a landing area just like the one the Millenium Falcon was in at the beginning of "Star Wars." There are some new fuel canister-type FMEs lying around, plus doors that lead to a small bathroom and storage room. Then, you climb a set of stairs, walk through a room of crates, and the excitement begins. This level lives up to its name of "The Maze", as you wander through the archways and streets of Mos Eisley, the way George Lucas would have made it look in the movies, if he had had the money and resources. There are nice looking new arches and stone textures, and many small domed houses you can walk into. It's easy to get lost sometimes, but you probably won't mind as you take in the sights and sounds of this level. The opposition consists entirely of smugglers and the like (Trandoshans, Grans, and a lot of Jawas with VOCs from the movies), and it's really fun to stealthily walk through the alleys, where danger lurks around every corner (how poetic!).

You also get to jump across the rooftops, and see a pretty good facsimile of the type of house Luke lives in at the beginning of Star Wars (of course, that was in the middle of the desert, but then, this could be anybody's house.) From there, be prepared for some surprises about Jawas (you'll see!), the notorious Cantina, and a visit from an old enemy.


All in all, this is a really fun, exciting level. It's definitely one of the best to represent a place from the movies, and maybe the best Tatooine level (Although level four of DF96 and "The Great Tatooine Water Hunt" are also excellent ones). You'll really have fun completing this mission.

Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | January 09, 1997

I'll add my own comments in here. The author has done an absolutely fantastic job on this level. The textures he's come up with are great, and the subtle shading used in areas is really incredible. I can't imagine how much time this must have taken. If you want an example of how to give your level an added sense of realism, this is where to look.

The link for download now points to a newer version of the level. Some of the textures and FMEs have been modified. Thanks go to Lionel for pointing me toward the updated version.

Also, the second part of the set is available, has been reviewed and is linked for download. Check out Operation Archangel Episode II - Dungeons of Gamorra.

Download Operation Archangel Episode I - Mos Eisley: The Maze(, 1.08 MB)