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Operation Borea

Author(s): Joseph "Roh" Freistuhler


Shortly before the Emperor's second demise, he commissioned a new class of Super Star Destroyer, the Sovereign class. The main shipyards for this new class are located on the planet Borea, of the Borea system, deep within the Galorndon Cluster. The facility has been charged with the construction of the second Sovereign Class Super Star Destroyer, the Despot. The New Republic has selected you to infiltrate the facility and retrieve the plans for this new technological terror.

  • The author seems quite fond of large open spaces and huge chasms, and uses them to accent the mood of the level.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | November 13, 1996

From the moment you set foot in this level you can tell that the author doesn't plan to go halfway with it. The exterior architecture consists of huge corridors, with walls reaching towards the sky. And it didn't take long to find some stormies to extend my greetings to. So I decided that this level was going to turn out pretty good. And I was right. The story is very interesting; it's nice to have somebody take some of the other existing Star Wars media and use it for some ideas. The style of the facility is dark and menacing for the most part, although there are different moods for different areas. I found narrow ledges to crawl across, catwalks to run over while Imperials blast at me, and massive chasms intended to keep me away from the data tapes. None of it worked of course and I completed the level with a sense of satisfaction.

I have to complain about the Dark Troopers, especially the Phase 3, because the level didn't need them. It was tough enough without the extra opposition, and all it really did was waste some time. The saving grace is that it wasn't utterly gratuitous, that the author did seem to have an idea in mind when he placed them there. They do seem to work with the level, but I think it could have done better without them.

I also wish that there was something new in the level. If you look at the specs below, it's pretty vacant. Some new sounds, or a couple new WAXs would have really added to the environment. And of course this is supposed to be a construction facility, but the player never gets to see that side of the area. I would have enjoyed looking at some technical readouts of the new ship on a computer screen. Perhaps this was just a command center, and the actual facility was located elsewhere.


What can I really say that hasn't been said? This is a pretty good level from my perspective. I would have liked it more without the DTs, but the story and grand scale architecture make up for that. If you have some free time and HD space, you might give it a try.

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