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Operation: Nar Shaddaa Water Treatment Plant

Author(s): Michael Messer


An Imperial data tape has been stolen by smugglers and taken to a Nar Shaddaa Water Treamtment Plant. This tape contains information relating to the creation of Dark Troopers. Enraged by this the Empire has sent an entire legion of Stormtroopers there. The Rebels must have these data tapes, and you are sent to retrieve them. You are warned that there may be Dark Troopers present.

  • One of the more interesting parts of the level is here in this large water tank.


Reviewed by: John Dagen | April 09, 1997

Right up front I had a problem with the story: I, too, don't like Dark Troopers being in a level without a good reason. On the other hand, if this level took place DURING the Dark Trooper crisis, it's been argued, this could make perfect sense. The problem with that is I'd kind of half expect them to be in the Arc Hammer. So it's hard to tell whether there are plot flaws or not...

This is a fairly good level, and can spice up a lifeless afternoon. There are no texture matching problems, and it has a few really cool parts. One of these is where you need to get across a chasm filled with water to get to a door. Shoot a button, and the water plants' floodgates open, and you can continue, see picture. Also cool is a part where TIE fighters fly over you, and you can hear their engines roaring. You lose contact with Jan just as she says, "Oh no! Kyle, you'd better look out I just saw ckkghghkghkhgkhkghkgh..." Strangely enough, you never find out for certain what she saw... maybe it was one of the Dark Troopers.

This level ain't flawless though. Nar Shaddaa seems unusually light and pleasent, unlike the dark and forbidding atmosphere it had earlier. Also there is one part of the level that I could NOT figure out without using a cheat code. It isn't a puzzle, it's a little hole that is impossible to find. It was much too easy to overlook. I'd show you a picture, but then I'd be spoiling the level... you'll know where it is if you play the level. I also detest facing two Phase Two Dark Troopers at a time. This isn't a bug, though, it's just something that took quite a few lives out of my collection. ;)


This is what I'd call an above-average mission. It's not phenomenal, but it's not horrendous either. There are very few problems(I was being very nit-picky in the one paragraph), it's a pretty fun level, and is a good time-killer.

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