The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest


Author(s): Jereth Kok



Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | September 07, 1997

per-plex(per pleks'e te) n. | 1 to make (a person) uncertain, doubtful, or hesitant; confuse; puzzle 2 to make intricate or complicated; make confusing or hard to understand

There's no such word as perplexion, but the definition of perplex certainly fits this level. And regardless of vocabularly the nonsense title just starts this impossible level off on the right foot. This is another one of those levels that doesn't fit the usual mold. You're supposed to find the Death Star plans, but the level doesn't really revolve around that. Mostly it's a showcase for all the weird things you can do with the Dark Forces engine.

Impossibilities abound in this level, from corridors that really don't exist to an elevator that moves but doesn't really go anywhere. MC Escher probably would have really enjoyed seeing some of his ideas come to life. And I'm pretty sure that's where the author got his ideas. My personal favorite? The massive jump that the author has somehow managed to pull off at the end. I don't get tired of doing that one over and over.

There's no text file included with the level so if you don't already know how to run levels check the Database for more info.


It's a really cool level that you should check out for a few minutes of fun. Level authors might enjoy tearing it apart to see how some of the things were done. Personally, I'm expecting a level where the Imperials have somehow managed to warp space and you need to set it right before the galaxy collapses to come out sometime soon. :-)

File Missing

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