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Prelude to Harkov's Defection

Author(s): Matthias von Herrmann


Imperial Admiral Harkov wishes to defect to the Rebel Alliance. Obviously we expect a trap, but if his wishes are true it would be a significant boost to our efforts. Admiral Harkov possesses a large amount of information on the Imperial navy. As a testament to his good faith, he will give us tapes on his defection plans. They are located on Nar Shaddaa, the vertical city. As you know the Imperials control a sector of this city, and Harkov is in charge of a section of said sector. The tapes are there with one of Harkov's captains, Captain Convegade. We will drop you off in one of the neutral sectors of Nar Shaddaa. Work your way into the Imperial sector, and get to Captain Convegade as well as those tapes. I'll meet you on the roof. Harkov has instructed his men not to fire on you, but be careful as not all the Imperials serve under Harkov. Also Lord Vader, apparently annoyed by your escape at Outpost D-42, has hired bounty hunters to look for you. Watch out for them as you make your way through the neutral sectors.


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