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Rancor Base

Author(s): Jason Muhs


Rancor Squad has decided that it's imperative that you invade Rancor Base and steal a sample of the Phrix Metal. Your tactical officer has warned you that the base is filled with troops and you'll need all the ammo you can get.

  • Get used to seeing lots of scenes like this if you try Rancor Base.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | April 14, 1997

You will need all the ammo you can get, but the base won't be that hard to get through. The level consists of not much more than a short approach to the base and a very small outpost. The level doesn't look bad texture or architecture wise, it's just pretty small. And it's also really simple.

There aren't any puzzles for you to figure out. And it's not that tough to shoot your way through when almost every weapon is given to you right off the bat. With that much firepower you can just keep your finger on the trigger and practically walk through. For a challenge I tried to make it through without getting hit but discovered that wasn't all that difficult either. The worst thing is that some Dark Troopers have been thrown in with multiple logic enemies to make the level tougher. My own opinions about multiple logics aside, it just doesn't do anything for the level, not making it any tougher and really just making the enemies look pretty ridiculous.


The level is nothing more than regular shoot-em-up. And not a very good shoot-em-up at that. I wouldn't suggest this level for much more than a stress relief, though there are better ones out there to pick from.

Download Rancor Base(, 23.8 kB)