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Rescue on Endor

Author(s): Darrin Bunker


Your mission is to rescue an Ewok leader who has inside information on the shield generator protecting the new Death Star. The Imperials captured him as he was about to meet with our leaders.

  • You know, I always thought security in this facility could use some beefing up.
  • Some objects have been swapped, some enemies added. But nothing worth your time.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | June 28, 2021

I'm trying to remain positive and remember that this was an early mission released when people were experimenting with modifying Dark Forces. But it's hard.

If you've played the original missions you'll find nothing challenging here, despite the author's claim that the harder difficulty levels provide stout opposition. A couple Phase 1 Dark Troopers and a Reeyees will get steamrolled by experienced players, especially when provided with the extra powerups the mission adds.

Many an add-on author re-used and over-used the plot of retrieving the Death Star plans, so at least give the author credit for dropping the ewok easter egg in their place. But unlike Jabba's Ship Revenge, another modification of an existing mission, the swapped and added content doesn't even provide a small distraction from the memories of the original level. I have the same criticism about the lack of even texture changes to indicate the passing of time, but the real killer is that none of the changes alter the experience, even at the micro level, nor more than superficially tie into the story.

Speaking of story, that's the one thing an author has complete control over when it comes to a modified level like this, and here it falls flat. It seems as though they hit upon the idea of replacing the plans and worked backward from there. With Jabba's Ship Revenge I grafted my own story onto the reoccurring Boba Fett enemy. Here there's just an ewok.


Frankly, if you compare this with what other authors were doing at the time you'll find only disappointment. But I remind myself of that first rush of joy when publishing something new on the internet, being able to say "I made this" and not caring too much about whether it was any good, or not. Sadly, this one doesn't make a return trip to the secret base worth your while.

Download Rescue on Endor(, 59.2 kB)