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The Danger Room

Author(s): Mike Neugebauer


The Danger Room is a custom level set in the Marvel Universe. You play the X-Man Cable, armed to the hilt and honing his skills in the X-Men's renowned "Danger Room".

  • What's your poison? In this hallway you select your opponents.


Reviewed by: Geoff Elliott | November 14, 1996

There have been lots of training levels put out, mostly for use by internet groups. And all of them have had two things in common: lots of enemies and lots of guns. Unfortunately, usually they also had another thing in common, a lack of interesting gameplay, mostly brought about by a poor plot. This is one level that breaks the mold.

The author has taken a great idea from the comics and modified it for Dark Forces. The idea of a training level, or any level for that matter, where you can change your surroundings and create a different experience each time is a wonderful concept. Everything here is customizable, from the enemies, to the weapons you use, to the lighting. You even select how long you want to stay in the level. Whenever you're fed up, or nearing death, just hop over to the officer, take the key and get out. Your commander will congratulate you on a fine job.

I have no idea why this level appeals to me so much, but I can make a guess. It has a fresh concept that hasn't been used anywhere else to this point. While the stormtroopers lack the intelligence of other players, it's about as close as you can come to a multiplayer deathmatch in Dark Forces. Speaking of which, I'm hoping to see a modification of this when Jedi Knight comes out! The author described the real Danger Room as a massive arena where numerous fighters could train simultaneously, and I think that would make a great multiplayer level. We can always hope!


Hey, I enjoyed this level. As the author describes it, it's good for novices to hone their skills if they're having trouble in other add-on levels. Or it's good for veteran players to use to get some quick practice in. I really like the idea; maybe there's a Danger Room for Katarn at the Crow's Nest! However you put it, this level is fun, exciting, and never the same twice!

Download The Danger Room(, 30.8 kB)