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The Great Escape

Author(s): Jeff Walters


En route to Hoth in an unmarked space yacht, your ship is set upon by bounty hunters led by Boba Fett and IG-88, and you and Jan are captured. You are taken to the Imperial prison facility known as Justice Station, along with your newest toy, a jetpack. The bounty hunters claimed salvage rights on your ship and took it to their base on the planet below, and the stolen plans for the new Imposer Class Star Destroyer are still hidden aboard it. Your job is to rescue Jan, recover the jetpack, and then make your way down to the planet to retrieve the stolen plans before leaving.

  • The author has managed to go beyond the normal confines of a "prison" level, adding in several new ideas.


Reviewed by: Anonymous | January 08, 1997

This is an excellent level that really makes you feel that you're in the game, and that also incorporates many interesting new ideas. This level, as is indicated by the title, puts Kyle Katarn in an imperial prison complex that hovers, in the atmosphere, above a planet. As the level starts, you have to get out of your prison cell and make your way through the huge prison area of the level. This is really neat in that it gives the feeling of a big, well run prison facility. After that, there are many interesting places in the prison area, such as an arena for prisoners awaiting execution, and a very large, very thoughtfully planned out cafeteria for the guards. This area takes up a very large part of the level, and it has several well thought out additions, such as balconies overlooking the clear blue sky, and large troughs of unappetizing military food. From here Kyle ends up walking on ledges to get to spaceship-accessed crate storage areas, admiring the new tree FMEs that sit in planter boxes on the balconies, and walking into TIE hangars, not to mention the briefing rooms and control rooms that you'd expect in such an amazingly detailed level, where almost everything is there that you'd expect in the Star Wars universe.

Another great thing about this level (or a bad thing, if you have an out-of-date computer like mine) is the fact that this level is really two levels. This is because, with the use of teleporter chutes, Kyle is able to steal a prototype jetpack and fly down from a balcony to the planet below. This part of the level is just as fun as the first part, as you traverse the grassy, tree-covered cliffs of the planet, making your way to the large entrance of a smuggler and bounty hunter base that cooperates with the Empire's facility in the sky. From there, you have to steal the plans that you were carrying before you were captured, in the process, making your way through some neat looking hangars. Then you return to a marked landing place in the cliffs, where Jan returns in the shuttle, which looks very neat.


All in all, this level is almost flawless, except for one thing: a Captain Picard WAX in the prison complex, which really doesn't fit. However, this is a really fun mission, and one you'll want to play as soon as possible.

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