The Moldy Crow

TheCrow’s Nest

Zaarin's Platform

Author(s): Alex Epshteyn


The fool traitor, Admiral Zaarin, has the TIE Defender Plans and Specifications in his possession. We have been able to obtain one of his clearance codes. You will go aboard his space research platform, and obtain the T/D plans by any means necessary.

  • You'll find this style of room repeated quite often.


Reviewed by: David Arandle | April 22, 1997

This is a fairly competent attempt at recreating a space station of sorts. There are a few nice touches such as the landing platforms extending out into space and the overall texturing which while simple gives the really cold atmosphere of an Imperial facility.

There are no rooms in this level which feel out of place. However this level does suffer from deja vu. Walking around you get the feeling you've seen it all before; the reason being - you have. There are numerous rooms in this level that are all identical and many that are similar with only slight variation. While they all fit in with the overall concept they don't really do anything for the level other than make it a little tedious. (This level probably holds the record for number of troop sleeping quarters ever placed in a level).

There are also a few obvious texture stitching problems (mostly above doors) and a few spots in really long corridors that suffer from bad HOM effects.

Play wise, this isn't too bad at all. There is nothing here too difficult to fight but a few well placed gun turrets and the odd surprise mine will keep you on your toes. (Although the mine placing is questionable at times - I've heard of trying to keep people out of your bedroom but that's a little extreme!)


This is a reasonable level. There isn't too much thinking involved but it isn't over done as a shoot em up either. At times it can be tedious - there are a lot of rooms with nothing to collect in them - but these rooms aren't out of place within the context of the level. A good one to try if you don't want to spend hours playing a level.

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