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Author(s): Matt Hallaron

A texture-mapped AT-ST with separate head and red laser bolt for use with turret logic.

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                         July-August 2001

Dark Forces game (c) 1994 Lucasfilm Ltd. and LucasArts Entertainment Company.

Author: Matt Hallaron (

Allow me to indulge myself for a little bit with a little history on these 3DOs. Five years ago I had my first foray into Dark Forces components, by making a non-textured AT-ST 3DO, meant to use turret logic. It was a little small in scale, and its details were done with various polygons, which due to limitations in the DF engine, didn't always show up properly. I hoped to someday make a larger version, maybe even trying to texture it. Unbeknownst to me, a talented DF editor named Barry Brien was already working on the same idea, and soon after released his AT-ST, version 2. His was larger, and he used textures. He also treated the bottom part a little different: My legs and base matched up position with the head (so that both 3DOs needed to be placed around 18 units above the ground) whereas Barry's legs and base could be set right on the ground at 0, and only the head needed to be offset (by about 30 units up.) As far as which version is 'better' is a matter of taste; each version had its strong points and its weak points.

This one topples them both over!

Flash forward about four years: I returned to the Dark Forces scene and again started working on DF components, where I eventually learned the art of texturing 3DOs. It really is the way to go. Barry, who is till in the DF scene, and I have developed a pretty good rapport (and he also has improved his textured 3DO skills.) But to me, this is a return to where it all began (for me). This version is 25% larger (than my original), has better geometry, and excellent textures (if I may say so myself.) It's taken me five years, but the AT-ST is finally done.

The initial geometries were based on my original v.1 3DOs, but have been significantly modified to reflect the use of the textures (no need for polygon details). Changes were also made, particularily in the legs, to make them much more true to the models in the movies.

The textures are as authentic and accurate as I could make them. They were originally mostly taken and modified from photos and screen captures of AT- STs. A few sections were modified from Jedi Knight textures, and some were originally generated from the atstwalk.3ds mesh by 3D modelmaker, Arild Wiro.

There are three versions of the AT-ST in this archive: The main (new) version, one which is scaled down to be the same size as my original v.1 3DOs, and one that has been enlarged (by about 38%) and offset to match the size and position of Barry Brien's v.2 3DOs. (In other words, it would be quite easy to swap the old ones for these new ones.)

The following files are included:

Main 3DO ATSTHED.3DO - 3DO file for the head (v.3) - to be placed 22.5 units higher than the ground (on top off ATSTBOD1.3DO) ATSTBOD.3DO - 3DO file for the body (feet and base) (v.3) - placed 22.5 units higher than the ground (same coordinates as ATSTHED.3DO)

"Version 1" 3DO ATSTHED1.3DO - 3DO file for the head (v.1) - to be placed around 18 units higher than the ground (on top off ATSTBOD1.3DO) ATSTBOD1.3DO - 3DO file for the body (feet and base) (v.1) - placed 18 units higher than the ground (same coordinates as ATSTHED1.3DO)

"Version 2" 3DO ATSTHED2.3DO - 3DO file for the head (v.2) - to be placed around 30 units higher than the ground (on top off ATSTBOD2.3DO) ATSTBOD2.3DO - 3DO file for the body (feet and base) (v.2) - placed right at ground level (under ATSTHED2.3DO)

AT-ST Textures ATSTHEAD.BM - Texture for the head ATSTGUNS.BM - Texture for the side guns ATSTMGUN.BM - Texture for the front (main) guns ATSTBASE.BM - Texture for the base and neck section ATSTLEG.BM - Texture for the legs ATSTANKL.BM - Texture for the 'ankles' ATSTFOOT.BM - Texture for the feet

New Blaster bolt 3DO & Texture WGBOLT.3DO - in R.O.T.J. the AT-ST's laser colour is red while D.F. the turret's laser colour is green. This textured 3DO changes the turret's laser to a long red laser with an orange flare instead of short & green. BOLTR.BM - Texture for the red blaster bolt

AT-ST3.TXT - This file

The AT-ST head should use turret logic - multiple turret logics can make the object much more powerful e.g.

/* 01 : atsthed2.3DO */ CLASS: 3D DATA: # X: # Y: # Z: # PCH: # YAW: # ROL: # DIFF: # SEQ LOGIC: TURRET

These 3DOs were made for and first seen in the add-on level The Dark Tide II: Nightfall by Patrick Haslow and myself.

I spent many, many hours working on this, so please do not modify these files without my permission. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. If you use these in an add-on level, I would expect and appreciate you giving credit where credit's due.

You may distribute these files for FREE in their original form. If this file is used on a CD or any other type of complilation, please be kind and let the author (me) know.

Thanks to Barry Brien, Patrick Haslow, Frank A. Krueger, Carlos Gomez, Yves Borckmans, Jonathan Wise, Arild Wiro, LucasArts Entertainment Company, and George Lucas.